Myron Gutmann, “Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century”

Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century

On May 6th, Myron Gutmann, Head of the NSF’s Social, Behavioral & Economics Directorate and Professor in the Department of History at the University of Michigan, spoke as part of the UVa Digital Humanities Speaker Series. Mr. Gutmann’s talk was jointly sponsored by the Scholars’ Lab at UVa Library, SHANTI, IATH, and the College of Arts & Sciences Quantitative Collaborative.

In his talk, Gutmann discusses changes in the twenty-first century data access and preservation environment, especially as relate to data for social, behavioral and economic sciences. He suggests ways that all potential stakeholders in the process — funding agencies, universities, data archives, libraries, researchers, teachers, and students — might work together to get the most out of our data investments.

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