• Apr 16

    GIS Workshop: Learning Old-School Mapping Techniques

    10:00 am–11:00 am · Alderman Library, Room 421
    How did folks make maps before GPS and satellite imagery? In this workshop we’ll focus on plane table mapping. Using just a flat surface, a sheet of paper, a straight edge, and a pencil we’ll learn techniques to create accurate maps for large geographic areas. With plane table mapping, if you can see it, you can map it.

    All sessions assume attendees have no previous experience using GIS. Sessions will be hands-on with step-by-step tutorials and expert assistance. They are free to attend and are open to the UVa and larger Charlottesville community.

    Instructors: Chris Gist and Kelly Johnston
  • Apr 16

    Workshop: Introduction to Omeka

    3:00 pm–4:00 pm · Alderman Library, Room 421
    Introduction to Omeka

    Omeka is a simple, free, web publishing system developed at the Roy Rosensweig Center for History and New Media at GMU. It was specifically built for scholars, archives, libraries, museums, and independent researchers to enable online exhibits of their work. If you have a collections of digital resources that you want to show in a scholarly way, Omeka is a great tool.

    Wednesday, April 16
    Alderman Library, Room 421

    Instructor: Ronda Grizzle