Praxis Program Panel: “Reading Digitally with Prism and Ivanhoe”

On April 4 at 4:30 PM in the Scholars’ Lab, members of current and previous Praxis cohorts will give a presentation on how their projects, Prism and Ivanhoe, can inform textual study and reading in a digital environment.  The presentation will also feature demonstrations of both projects.

Presenters include:

  • Scott Bailey (Religious Studies, Praxis ’13-14)
  • Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati (Classical Archaeology, Praxis ’13-14)
  • Stephanie Kingsley (English, Praxis ’13-14)
  • Sarah Storti (English, Praxis ’11-12)
  • Brandon Walsh (English, Praxis ’12-13)

The panel follows the opening masterclass of the Graduate English Student Association conference “Reading Then and Now,” which will run April 4-6, 2014.  The conference will also feature a masterclass by UVa English faculty member Rita Felski (RSVP only); keynote speaker Andrew Piper, from McGill University; graduate student papers on reading practices across cultures and time periods; and a workshop by the Rare Book School.  For a complete schedule, visit

The Praxis panel on Friday is open to the public.

I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from the University of Georgia with an AB in English and Spanish. I am now in my second year of the English MA program at UVa and am focusing on American literature, textual studies, and digital humanities. DH interests include digital applications to textual criticism, archiving, and prosopography; but I'm excited to expand my DH horizons this year in the Scholars' Lab. In my spare time I enjoy jamming on my violin, researching family history, going trail biking, and having movie nights with friends. I love ballroom dance, can't get enough opera, and enjoy making gourmet pizza at home.

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  1. I was a Praxis Fellow WAY back in ’11-12, fyi! Just wanted to clarify that because I think it’s particularly nice that this panel includes representatives from every cohort. Looking forward to it!

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