Jeremy Boggs: A Plea for Open Digital Humanities Work

Hello there, Scholars’ Lab fans!

Visiting Scholar Jeremy Boggs spoke in the Scholars’ Lab on March 3, giving a talk entitled A Plea for Open Digital Humanities Work: or, A DH Grad Student Reflects on Years of ‘Study’.

Jeremy will join the faculty of the Scholars’ Lab full time in June, as our new Humanities Design Architect. We hope you’ll enjoy the podcast of his talk.

Ronda is the project management and training specialist for the SLab; librarian by both training and inclination; bringer of order from chaos; herder of metaphorical cats; fascinated by organizational and personal development; personal coach; information junkie.

4 comments on “Jeremy Boggs: A Plea for Open Digital Humanities Work

    • Hello Marcelo,

      I’m sorry, but there isn’t a transcription of the podcast. I’m not sure if Jeremy’s slides would help at all but you might email him at to see if they are available online.

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks so much for letting us know about this. I’ve reentered the link to the podcast, so you should be able to listen now.


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