Praxis Weekly Digest #1

First, if you missed our post last week about redesigning Ivanhoe, we are now in the process of building the game as a WordPress Theme.  If you are a potential Ivanhoe user, help us out by giving some feedback about the way you use WordPress. Congratulations to Zach for passing his orals!  Now he has…. More.

2013-2014 Praxis Charter ratified!

Last week the new Praxis cohort ratified its charter.  This important document ended up demanding much more deliberation than we had anticipated.  Nonetheless, after a couple weeks of thinking about what really mattered to us in commencing our program, we established a set of core beliefs and structuring principles which I believe will help guide…. More.

Good Practice

This week we’ve made major strides towards adopting a charter. It’s interesting to note (as Claire does in her post) that charters are often somewhat pessimistic, anticipating the problems of working in a group and setting out certain rules for managing these “inevitable” conflicts. We’ve decided to try for a slightly more positive document, one…. More.

Praxis: The Innovator

In addition to getting a crash course in html and css, we’ve spent our time in the fellows’ lounge this week actually putting some prose together for our charter.  One of the great things about this process has been the way in which working on the charter has actually provided a platform for us to…. More.

Hello World

For some time now I have led a double life as a musician and book lover. As a third year PhD in the English department at UVA, I work primarily on twentieth-century fiction in relation to music and sound. These interests drew me to Praxis in the first place: writing about sound is incredibly difficult…. More.

overlapping anxieties

This week has brought back the question of image/text to my thinking with a vengeance. First, as Lindsay points out in her latest blogpost, our group has been occupied with the question of overlapping markup; second, during our weekly meeting Annie asked “When can we start building Prism,” to which Wayne responded, and I paraphrase,…. More.

Charter and Design

This has been an eventful week in Praxis, since we both finished our charter and started trying to design Prism.  The charter took longer than anticipated to produce, primarily because we had some difficulty figuring out when we needed to be incredibly specific and cover all possible scenarios, and when we needed to be very…. More.