An Ivanhoe Design Idea

So last week Francesca and I each pitched design for our informational website. While the bulk of our pitches focused on the look of the website, I formulated my website design (ps, as this was just a mock up it isn’t cross browser tested, sorry) to be as transferable as possible (or desired).  Had we gone…. More.

On Stemmatics

So this is a git network graph. Specifically, it is the network graph for Ivanhoe from c. 20 February to 1 March. The blue line is our Develop branch and the various branches are features, projects, etc. The first little pink dot is my first branch.  While programming development is far from complete, I forked…. More.

Faulty Format or User Error?

As you’ve already learned from Stephanie’s post  team delegates (Stephanie & Eliza) have been wireframing ideas for Ivanhoe since we’ve decided on creating a plugin for WordPress. But before this happened, the entire team brainstormed the features that we would like to see included in our final product. As we became animated about our “must haves”…. More.

Praxis Holidays

Just before we departed for the break, Stephanie and I met with Jeremy to talk over some of our wireframes for Ivanhoe.  (Stephanie discussed our wireframing process in her post.)  “Right,” Jeremy told us.  “You’re going to want to clone the files that I’ve already created and start from there.” We blinked at him.  “Cloning?”…. More.

We wish you a merry CSSmas!

While I plan on taking some time off over Christmas and New Year’s to be with family and friends, I also plan on fine-tuning my programing skills over the break. At the suggestion of Jeremy the first step is diving into tutorials (which involves equal part determination and motivation). As you may have gathered from my…. More.

Better :focus

Whenever I’ve taught folks how to do some basic HTML and CSS, the first thing they want to change are the styles for links on the page. And who can blame them? The default colors for links are pretty lame, as you can see in my first example page on CodePen. For those who don’t…. More.

Interactive CSS in Neatline 2.0

[Cross-posted with] Neatline 2.0 makes it possible to work with really large collections of records – as many as about 1,000,000 in a single exhibit. This level of scalability opens up the door to a whole range of projects that would have been impossible with the first version of Neatline, but it also introduces…. More.

Casing your Text

One of the first things I remember doing as a graduate assistant was editing a few dozen HTML files to change all of the headings, which someone had typed in upper case, to use title case. This was not too much fun. It was even more painful to realize later that you can easily change…. More.