Art in the Scholars’ Lab

The first time I walked into the Scholars’ Lab, I was amazed by the space.  With the high ceilings, black-and-white tile floors, and the bold red wall, it looked like something out of a magazine, not a computer lab at UVA! I’ve been at UVA for a long, long time and I’ve worked in some…. More.

A simple critique of TILE

I would like to echo Annie’s thought that I feel a little awkward critiquing DH projects of this kind given how new a lot of this is to me. I was drawn to T.I.L.E. as a user, and so while I may not yet be able to discuss the project’s inner workings, I can assess…. More.

Further Evaluation of Digital Work

 Although I feel a bit silly evaluating digital work when I’m still a comparative newbie to the DH world, I found that looking at these projects helped me not only improve my ability to imagine how projects could be altered to suit different purposes, but also understand what sort of features or documentation I would…. More.

Project Reviews

As part of our second week assignment we were giving the task of reviewing three projects from the following list. The list is interesting because it groups projects that have been around for a while with more recent contributions. The three that I chose actually belong to the former category. I thought it would be…. More.

In which a novice evaluates digital work

After spending a good forty minutes browsing the Valley of the Shadow digital archive, I must admit that I’m defeated by the prompt Jeremy gave us last week for these blog posts. I simply could not find anything about the archive I would care to change. I approached it aggressively, determined to be disappointed or…. More.

Evaluating Digital Work: Suggestions

For this week’s post, we were asked to evaluate a few of the digital tools we looked at for last week’s meeting. This time we were armed with a list of questions, which I was particularly eager to have as someone with a fair amount of experience evaluating literary work and none whatsoever evaluating digital…. More.