In middle school I built a website about the seven wonders of the ancient world. Nothing fancy – just images and some links – and I never published it. Building a personal website over the past few days as per Jeremy’s request feels a bit like coming full circle. My HTML skills remain prepubescent at…. More.

On Not Knowing

I made it through HTML/CSS and miraculously I still have a computer and most my sanity. These weeks of learning HTML/CSS have happened to coincide with my first weeks of being a Teaching Assistant. Having these experiences together has been invaluable for a few reasons. 1. It has forced me to be a student again.…. More.

The Dirt on “Clean”

Last week, when I should have been finishing up a conference paper I gave on Sunday, I instead kept messing with the webpage that Jeremy is teaching us how to design. Coding left me confused and bewildered, but now I realize that it also pretty much left me cold. I did once announce that it…. More.