Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress

Eight years ago, I sat staring at my Latin prose composition homework. The assignment was to translate a few sentences and a couple of short, not-particularly-complex paragraphs from English into Latin. In that precise moment, however, it would have been equally effective to ask me to go find and slay a fire-breathing dragon, since the…. More.

Hot off the Presses 2: BagIt Plugin

Photo by kittybabylove Continuing our roll-out of Omeka plugins we’ve been working on here at the Scholars’ Lab, I’m pleased to announce the BagIt plugin for Omeka. BagIt is a specification by the Library of Congress for creating containers of files with metadata. However, the files don’t actually have to be in the container. There…. More.

Why Ruby?

Stemming from a Twitter conversation last month, I thought it would be a good idea to describe — in more than the 140 character bursts that Twitter allows — why we at the Scholars’ Lab often promote Ruby, opposed to one of the other 4 or 5 languages we develop with. This isn’t an attempt…. More.