Washington and Lee Trip

Cross-posted at my personal website. Last week Sarah and I drove to Washington and Lee University as part of a new collaboration enabled by a grant from the Associated Colleges of the South. As part of the endeavor, Scholars’ Lab fellows are guest teaching pieces of an Introduction to Digital Humanities course. Our task, in particular, was to co-teach…. More.

Ivanhoe and Imaginative Analysis

When I wasn’t working as a Praxis fellow this year, I taught first-year writing.  In the class, we tackled the course subject—ghost stories—through a variety of topical lenses, looking at horror stories and films, web comics, and ghost hunting TV shows.  Although the course focused on argumentative writing, at the students’ request, I ended up…. More.

“Go litel boke!”

“Go, litel boke, go, litel myn tragedye,” cries Chaucer at the close of his Troilus and Criseyde. As he hands his book off to the vicissitudes of manuscript production—memorably evoked in his poem to Adam Scriveyn[1]—the persistent fear that scribes may “miswrite the” or “mysmetre” the work troubles the poet’s mind. Iteration is a problem.…. More.

An Ivanhoe example and guidelines for getting started

As I mentioned previously, any Ivanhoe game can be played on any topic.  Being interdisciplinary ourselves (Classical Archaeology, English, Religious Studies, and Sociology), our group has naturally tended toward interdisciplinary games: the suffragette journalism game, the Elgin Marbles debate game, a sci-fi game, etc.  We all had a great time on these games, and I…. More.

All systems go! (we think…)

Yesterday at 1PM we launched Ivanhoe 1.0. We are excited about our progress and hope you can take some time to download the theme to your own WordPress accounts. We have made documentation readily available for those new to Ivanhoe and we hope users will add to this space (via GitHub) so that we can continue to create…. More.

Connect, Create, Inspire: the Ivanhoe Game returns!

The Scholars’ Lab Praxis Fellows are thrilled to announce the beta release of the Ivanhoe Game!  Ivanhoe is a collaborative role-playing game in which players make critical interventions in a text, cultural object, or topic to help them learn.  Ivanhoe is about connecting ideas, crafting new interpretations, and inspiring creative scholarship. The Ivanhoe Game is…. More.

More Better Breaking

Over the course of the last few months, those of us in the development team have been hard at work writing the code to make the Ivanhoe game function. I thought I’d give a (very) brief look into our development workflow. 1.) Each week, sometimes several times a week, check Github for issues assigned to…. More.