Praxis Program Panel: “Reading Digitally with Prism and Ivanhoe”

On April 4 at 4:30 PM in the Scholars’ Lab, members of current and previous Praxis cohorts will give a presentation on how their projects, Prism and Ivanhoe, can inform textual study and reading in a digital environment.  The presentation will also feature demonstrations of both projects. Presenters include: Scott Bailey (Religious Studies, Praxis ’13-14)…. More.

Drum Roll Please…..

After many months of brainstorming, debating, dreaming big, getting down to business, panicking, refocusing, programming, and fine tuning, Prism is here! It has been a great journey, and I think my fellow Praxers would agree when I say that we have learned a lot.  Not only have we been introduced to the world of DH…. More.

Out on a (Small) Limb

In writing the following post, I was struck by how close it felt to one Alex Gil wrote last year about a similar Prism disaster that he called the herokulypse. Alex wrote his post on April 23 of last year, so we’re a few days ahead of schedule for apocalyptic project events. – Over the past…. More.

Prism on Spring Break

Last week I was in Little Rock, Arkansas for the Society for American Music conference, but Prism seemed to be following me: This logo looks uncannily like one of our sketches for Prism highlighting. So far I can’t find anything on the internet about this logo or what kind of company it might be for.…. More.

Images in Prism

One thing we have thought about in recent weeks is the role of Prism in our goals for the semester.  As part of this brainstorming I wanted to share some of my thoughts about a potential future for Prism. What I was most interested in is how we can use images with Prism.  Images call…. More.

On Complexity

When I wrote my first “real” code for a website, things were a lot simpler. I was taking SGML TEI files and running them through a DSSSL generator to create static HTML files. It was pretty straight-forward: I would tag a document, cross my fingers that it would validate, then run a script that would…. More.