Dancing with Ruby

As the Praxis Team grapples with the necessity of making decisions (difficult decisions!) about our priorities when it comes to creating at tangible product between now and May, I continue to find new uses for Ruby in my own non-Prism-related work. Last week a choreographer friend asked for help with a problem that came up…. More.

Ruby Grading 2.0

I just recently posted my experiment with making a Ruby program that you can use for doing your own grading. I have since made several improvements upon the first draft of the code, so I present to you Ruby Grading 2.0. The changes: 1) I converted the code to incorporate classes, which was a huge…. More.

Grading in Ruby

Chris recently posted his very exciting experiment that uses Ruby to create music theory worksheets for his students. Inspired by this, I have been playing around on Ruby with much more modest aims: I wanted to use Ruby to do my grading for me. I always do my grading with an Excel spreadsheet and a…. More.

Fizzing, Buzzing

Since Gwen just posted her solution to the Fizz Buzz homework assignment,  I thought that I would throw mine up here as well. Here is my solution. It’s pretty similar to Gwen’s take on the problem. I just switched the order of a couple things and used a couple shortcuts. I also apparently have a penchant…. More.

Mountain Lion and RVM

I recently upgraded my computer to use the latest version of OS X (Mountain Lion) and I ran in to a problem with the rvm package manager. Basically I would get to the point of actually compiling the version of Ruby, and get this nasty error: Error running ‘env CFLAGS=-I/Users/wsg4w/.rvm/usr/include LDFLAGS=-L/Users/wsg4w/.rvm/usr/lib ./configure –enable-shared –disable-install-doc –prefix=/Users/wsg4w/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p327′,…. More.

Ruby Cat Poem

AA                  line tabbed mmmmmmmmmmmmm nononono                         mmmmmmmmmmmmm m doof cat Cat a in Catnip  Grass I     llllllllllllllllllll split a               tsil do     II         Fishies                     I IIIIIIII —Learn Ruby The Hard Way, Ex. 10, modified to create cat poem (source)

The Models are Done!

Great news! All parts of our data model are now in Rails!  We used the Ruby gem Devise for the user model, and Prism now has user account capabilities (and the links for “sign in,” “sign out,” and “sign up” on the homepage)! The documents are also in the system and each has its own…. More.