Now available: Report and data from SCI’s survey on career prep and graduate education

[Cross-posted at my personal website] I am delighted to announce the release of a report, executive summary, data, and slides from the Scholarly Communication Institute’s recent study investigating perceptions of career preparation provided by humanities graduate programs. The study focused on people with advanced degrees in the humanities who have pursued alternative academic careers. Everything…. More.

Summer of travel, DH edition

[Cross-posted from my personal website] This spring and summer has been the busiest travel season I have ever had. While I won’t deny that I’m happy to be rounding the corner on my last two trips this summer, I’ve learned a tremendous amount as I’ve bounced from city to city, and feel lucky to have…. More.

MLA14 Roundtable on the Praxis Network: Rethinking Humanities Education, Together and In Public

[Cross-posted from my personal site] I’m delighted to announce that our proposed roundtable on the Praxis Network has been accepted for the 2014 MLA Convention. Here are the details: Session Proposal How can humanities programs better equip students for a wider range of careers, without sacrificing the core values or approaches of the disciplines? While…. More.

Humanities Unbound: Careers & Scholarship Beyond the Tenure Track

[Cross-posted from my personal site.] I’ve had the privilege of talking about graduate education reform and career preparation for humanities scholars at several universities this spring, including Stanford, NYU, and the University of Delaware. I’ve adapted the following from those presentations. The full dataset from the study that I discuss will be available later this…. More.

Outside the Pipeline: From Anecdote to Data

I gave the following presentation at SCI’s recent meeting on rethinking graduate education. It was the first time I’ve publicly discussed results from the study on career preparation in humanities graduate programs that I’ve written about previously. I was honored to discuss the topic with our extremely knowledgeable group of participants, and the thoughtful questions…. More.

Moonlighting with the Praxis Crew

One great perk of my role with the Scholarly Communication Institute is that I have the opportunity not only to learn about how the Praxis Program functions, but also to learn alongside the team members, particularly in this second year. The semester has barely begun, and already the collective wheels are turning as the new…. More.