Projection Lessons in Maps

For many years, I have used the following map in my presentations. This map is a great example of proportional symbology and is of an interesting subject, especially when juxtaposed with modern oil trading.  Of course, the cartographic style is great too.  I hadn’t much thought of the cartographer or why the map was created until recently.…. More.

The Mappy Goodness that is GIS Day in the Scholars’ Lab

Every November on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week the world celebrates GIS Day.  On that day in Charlottesville the geospatial community gathers in the Scholars’ Lab for mappy goodness. And cake. In 2010 we threw open the Scholars’ Lab doors for folks to present geospatial lightning talks.  We were impressed by the breadth of…. More.

Spatial Humanities Step By Step – Mapping Wikileaks using Google Fusion Tables

Are you ready to participate in the Golden Age of online mapping? June, 2009 – Google Launches Fusion Tables, an online tool for mapping places July, 2010 – Wikileaks Publishes the Afghan War Diary, a massive dataset full of place names April, 2011 – Scholars’ Lab Launches “Spatial Humanities Step By Step”,  a source for…. More.

Richmond, Virginia’s Place in GIS and Racial Discrimination History

Richmond, Virginia is a city steeped in history.  It is the home of the first commercially viable electric street car system, the world’s only triple train crossing; the first woman-owned and African American-owned bank, and some great Americans including Bojangles Robinson and Arthur Ashe.  Not exactly the history you were thinking about, correct?  There is much more hidden history in Richmond.…. More.

Myron Gutmann, “Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century”

Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century On May 6th, Myron Gutmann, Head of the NSF’s Social, Behavioral & Economics Directorate and Professor in the Department of History at the University of Michigan, spoke as part of the UVa Digital Humanities Speaker Series. Mr. Gutmann’s talk was jointly sponsored by the Scholars’…. More.

Myron Gutmann on Data Access

The UVa Digital Humanities Speaker Series presents: Myron Gutmann on “Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century” Friday, May 6 4:00pm (reception follows) Monroe Hall, Room 120 This talk is co-sponsored by IATH, SHANTI, the Scholars’ Lab, and the College of Arts & Sciences Quantitative Collaborative Lecture Series

Normality: For or Against?

I’m a historian who is currently designing and/or building four databases.  As I work through the complexities of each project, I’m struck by two thoughts. First: I’m overworked. Second: I like the way relational algebra makes me think. Good database design involves breaking a data set into the smallest viable components and then linking those…. More.