Spatial Humanities Step By Step – Mapping Wikileaks using Google Fusion Tables

Are you ready to participate in the Golden Age of online mapping? June, 2009 – Google Launches Fusion Tables, an online tool for mapping places July, 2010 – Wikileaks Publishes the Afghan War Diary, a massive dataset full of place names April, 2011 – Scholars’ Lab Launches “Spatial Humanities Step By Step”,  a source for…. More.

Mapping the Digital Diaspora of a Dissertation Research Blog

At the onset of my field research in summer 2007, I launched a blog – – with the intention to: 1) archive and organize my field notes in textual and audio-visual form; 2) convey my research purpose and progress to informant musicians and the public; 3) self-position as a “participant” in the scene. Since…. More.

Biblical Statistics

The first topic that I chose for my dissertation in UVA’s Department of Religious Studies was the “School of Saint Paul.” I hoped to show the existence of a group of followers who surrounded Paul and engaged with him in the interpretation of the Old Testament. In order to do this, I decided to investigate…. More.