Examining TEI Displays Across the Web

As part of my project with Zane to update the TEIDisplay plugin for Omeka, I have been examining ways that different digital collections present TEI-encoded texts. We hope that by looking at the ways that other display tools function, we’ll be able to gain more insight into what works well and what doesn’t. One of…. More.

How do you display TEI documents online?

As you can see from Zane’s post a few days ago, we’ve been hard at work on our update to TEIDisplay here at UT-Austin. While he’s been working to jive the plugin with the newest version of Omeka, I’ve been thinking more about how this tool will be used. While I’ve studied TEI and used it in…. More.

An Update to TEIDisplay for Omeka

This spring, my colleague Zane Schwarzlose and I are working on an update to the TEIDisplay plugin for Omeka, developed by Ethan Gruber at the Scholars’ Lab. While it’s a great tool, it was developed as part of previous versions of Omeka. Even then, it was at times difficult to use, and some TEI elements…. More.

Collaborative mentoring at UT & UVa: co-developing an updated TEIDisplay for Omeka

In partial answer to Bethany‘s charge in her recent ProfHacker piece “it starts on day one,” I’m very excited to introduce a cross-institutional effort  between the Scholars’ Lab and the School of Information at UT-Austin to mentor two UT graduate students in the iSchool as they work to develop a DH tool for the DH community. The…. More.